The Eight Nudes You’ll Probably Send/Receive

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**This article is discussing the exchange of
explicit photos ONLY in circumstances between consenting adults**

The nude has been a ubiquitous part of human existence for *literally millenia* but in the 21st century, bae is unlikely to send you a sculpted marble likeness of their junk to get you in the mood. For the modern adult armed with a smartphone and a front-facing camera, encountering a nude selfie or two (hundred) is far more likely, so here are eight varieties of nude that you’ll probably take, send or receive in your lifetime.

1. The Feelin’ Yoself

You don’t know what it is, but damn you’re lookin good today. Is it the fresh lingerie you just bought yourself? The morning sun hitting your skin juuuust right? Maybe you just look this fine every. Single. Day. Who cares, you’ve gotta capture that feeling: you take numerous mirror shots of…

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